A story
of passion

Based on the simplified systemic approach to the goalkeeper’s activity in the game created by Thierry Barnerat (FIFA Goalkeeper Expert), KIM is a set of services and solutions developed by OAKland Group with the support of the Académie Gardien de But Développement to support the position of goalkeeper.

Photo James

KIM was born from the meeting between James NAUFFRAY, founder and director of the Oakland group, an expert in strategic business data, and Thierry BARNERAT, considered one of the world’s best goalkeeper experts, and a FIFA goalkeeper expert.

Several key things bring them together while everything seems to separate them:

  • Their passion for sport in general and football in particular;
  • Data as an assistant to performance enhancement;
  • The desire and ability to identify new angles in the genuinely objective and comprehensive evaluation of an athlete’s performance.

Today in the amateur football world, pre-professional, and even professional sometimes, clubs, recruiters, coaches, or families need to be able to comprehensively evaluate their goalkeepers’ potential, their performance in gameplay sequences in a simple, reliable, and direct manner, and finally, to guide their specific workout sessions to see progress.

However, no approach currently exists to support the goalkeepers’ progress in a holistic manner.

Indeed, there are applications today to analyze matches. They have the following characteristics:

  • Based solely on images, analyzed by algorithms;
  • Assume a videographer to identify relevant images for coaches (professional clubs only);
  • Treat goalkeepers only on reduced and basic criteria (penalty kicks, goals);
  • Do not allow for the generation of shareable data;
  • Relatively expensive.

Therefore, these applications are intended for professional sports organizations, and they do not allow a complete, objective, and relevant evaluation of the goalkeepers’ performance. They only focus on match performance.

The KIM ecosystem is the first of its kind in the world to offer comprehensive support in the progression of a goalkeeper.